About Us

Seven Hills Aikido Club is run by a generous committee of volunteers and committed, accredited instructors.  We are recognised by Aikikai Australia and compete in local competitions as well as Metropolitan and State Championships. Our club is a tight-knit community that falls under the association of Seven Hills Community Youth Sports Club. 


We hold a number of fun social events and friendly competitions throughout the year such as display days where members from each section create a performance of their skill and talent. Being part of a Youth Club also provides members with great opportunities such as participating in fundraisers, end of year discos and fun days!

Aikido is a Martial Art, developed in the 20th Century by Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei)

Aikido in its Nature is the use of circular, flowing movements originating from a relaxed body and fully centred mind an Aikido ideal, Regular practice brings a feeling of well-being and self-confidence that carries over into every aspect of daily life. The most outstanding feature of actual physical training in Aikido is the repetitious practise of various techniques until unforced movements flow naturally from within the body

The Classes are led by Brett Marshall, A student of the art of Aikido for over 26 years. Classes are taught in both hand techniques (Taijutsu) and Weapons Training (Buki Waza).

Aikido Centre Seven Hills accommodates practice for all ages, both Children and Adults.